Everything you need to know about Studio 20/20.


How do I book the studio?

To book a studio, choose your prefered date through our online calendar. Through this system, you will also be able to choose between the Playground and Portrait Studio. At the final stage, you will be asked to proceed with online payment of your choice. Please note that your reservation isn’t confirmed until your transaction is approved. 

How far in advance should I book a studio?

As soon as you know when you would like to use the studio, snap it, grab it—before someone else does. Also have an alternate date in mind—just in case.

What is the minimum time frame?

Our minimum booking time slot is 2 hours. For special events, a minimum of 4 hours is required. 

What if I want more time?

Assuming that the space you are renting is available after your time is done, we would be happy to open up an additional 30 minutes for rent. Please factor in the time to bring in or remove your belongings from the spacethis is counted at part of your reservation. If you exceed the time of your reservation, you will be charged $75 per 30 minutes.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your shoot has to be paid in full at the time of your reservation.

Studio 20/20 has a no refund policy—however we offer studio credit for cancelled bookings.

Does Studio 20/20 offer tours?

Absolutely! Virtual tour are offered upon request.  

If you are a production company looking to conduct a location scout, please email bookings@studio2020.art to make an appointment. 

Our studio 

How do I access the studio?

Our main entrance in located on Bank Street. Please ring the doorbell and one of our Associates will let you in, give you a tour, and provide you access to your props and chosen set.

Can I shoot a video?

We love it when creatives shoot video in our space. Consult our online reservations calendar for availability and then send an email to bookings@studio2020.art. Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours. 

Can I rent your space for an event?

As much as we love parties, Studio 20/20 is not an event space. 

Can you publish my work on your website or social media?

We love to be inspired by the work that is created in our studio. You can tag us on Instagram at @stu.dio2020 or send us a copy of your best work and we will share it proudly with our tribe. 

Do you ever teach or give workshops?

Yes we do! Check our website and social media to keep up with the events we host.

Sets and rentals

Are your sets private?

There are two sides of Studio 20/20. We have a 1200sqft Portrait Studio which is fully private. Our 4800sqft natural light studio is what we call the Playground and is open concept.

Can we request or move furniture from another set?

Each set is curated with specific pieces of furniture and decor and are rented as is.

How much can I customize the set?

We love creativity, so show us what you got - safely! 

Can I rent furniture or gear for a shoot in another location?

At this time all rental items must remain on premises.


Where can I store my personal belongings?

We ask that all guests use the coat rack and shoe tray located on the landing just outside of the entrance to the main space. You may bring all other belongings into the studio, however, please be sure to take them home with you at the conclusion of your reservation. Studio 20/20 is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings left behind by guests and users of the space. 

Can I arrange delivery and storage of props to Studio 20/20?

We understand that guests may want to have special props outside of what we offer for their shoots. If you need to arrange delivery and storage of such items in advance of your session, please email bookings@studion2020.art. Please note that a fee will be applied on a case by case basis. 

Can I bring my pets?

While we do allow service dogs in our space, all other pets are not permitted due to certain allergic reactions they may cause in others.

What if I need to move furniture and other structures around?

Our Associates are onsite to help you with answers to questions you might have. They are also there to help you move certain furniture if required. Please do not attempt to move large structures on your own; speak with our onsite associate. If you need to move furniture, please lift them or use the trolly located at the back of the studio.

How can I help keep the space in order?  

We are pleased to welcome guests to Studio 20/20. Our Associates are onsite to help ensure that you have the best possible experience in the space. Please understand that as part of creating a beautiful experience and maintaining a great environment, our associates will do a walk around of the space 15 minutes prior to the end of your reservation to confirm that all furniture is where it should be, nothing is damaged, and garbage is in the proper receptacle. 

Please bring / wear indoor shoes while in the space. Do not step on the furniture in shoes. If you are taking pictures in your outdoor shoes, you will be asked to wipe them down with one of our cleaning products. 

Can I bring special effects to Studio 20/20?

Open flames, wax candles, slime, smoke machines, dry ice and sparkers are prohibited in the Playground.

If you require a smoke machine for your shoot in the Portrait Studio, please specify that at the time of your reservation.

If you are bringing confetti, glitter, artificial snow, sand, feathers, or flowers into the space please also indicate that at the time of reservation. 

Who do I contact if I have an emergency? 

If you have a medical emergency or require a first aid kit during your time at Studio 20/20, please request assistance from one of our Associates.

In the event fire, please dial 9-1-1. A fire extinguisher is located to the left of the space entrance on the black and white wall. The fire escape is located at the back of the studio across from the yellow wall. 

    What if I break something?

    Yes, accidents do happen, however, if you break, stain, rip, or do any form of damage to property, you will be charged a replacement fee depending on the item. Any floor damage is subject to a repair fee ranging between $250 - $500.


    General Guidelines and Rules

    It is expected that everyone who chooses to use this space observes these policies and guidelines.

    Failure to adhere to our policies and guidelines will result in the termination of your reservation and can result in an indefinite ban. 

      Explicit or derogatory content

      Studio 20/20 is also home to the G Collective—a collaborative workspace for creatives.

      The space is not soundproof, so we ask that guests please keep the noise and music levels to a reasonable volume. 
      This is a safe space for creatives and other guests. That said, music with explicit or derogatory content is not permitted. 
        The studios cannot be used to shoot pornographic content.
        Fine art portraiture with nude subjects must be photographed in our closed studio. You must specify this at the time of reservation. 


          Liquor, alcohol, smoking, vaping, and the use of recreational drugs, are not permitted in the space. Intoxication will not be tolerated. 

          Use of degrading language

          There is no place in this space for language that is openly or casually degrading to a person or group. Any words or phrases, no matter how seemingly innocuous, that perpetuate negative stereotypes and communicate exclusion are not allowed.

          Some of these can be subtle and said without any ill-will, which is why we encourage users to examine their own language and use this guide as an opportunity for learning. For some examples of language that we are trying to avoid, please see the below.

          • Racism
            • Racism is deeply rooted across societies globally, exists among all social classes, and is connected to a long history of violence, oppression, and domination.
            • Addressing individuals or a group of people in a diminutive, derogative, or malicious way based on their (assumed) race and ethnic background is racist, disrespectful, and harmful.
            • We do not tolerate any racist behavior, slurs, statements, or jokes.
            • Sexism
              • We strongly advise avoiding gendered pronouns as well as any gendered terms.
              • Everyone is expected to respect each other’s chosen pronouns. Try to avoid using words like “dude” or “guys” to address groups. This shorthand contributes to linguistic barriers that drive exclusion and an unwelcoming environment.


            If you feel you have been falsely or unfairly accused of violating this Code of Conduct, you should notify the space manager with a concise description of your grievance.

            Your grievance will be handled in accordance with space’s existing governance policies.


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